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That’s all folks


The show is over. Last night the cast took their final bow, and bid farewell to the theatre. Continue reading That’s all folks


It’s Panto season : The Dublin Bus edition


Morose I sat, on the bus to the wastelands. Outside the window, a gentle shower of snow was forming a grimy sludge by the roadside.

It was Friday. In less than a fortnight the days will be getting longer again.

Suddenly my interest was piqued. Who were these three individuals boarding my bus? I didn’t recognise them – and I tend to know the regulars on this journey. They seemed fairly ordinary looking, but had a little extra panache that is unusual around these here parts. Continue reading It’s Panto season : The Dublin Bus edition

Theatre Times: ‘Let’s make a scene’


I waited impatiently by the bus stop, in the industrial wastelands. I had an appointment at 6.30pm.  I had been waiting for thirty minutes, for the bus that never arrives. This was annoying. I would be in a frantic rush once I disembarked on O’Connell Street, to get to Lombard Street on time. Continue reading Theatre Times: ‘Let’s make a scene’

Theatre times: ‘The Lovers’ Guide to Losing your Mind’


I had been enjoying a bijou sabbatical from the theatre world, after my exertions earlier in the year with ‘An Unexpected Party’ and ‘Mother’s Little Holiday Treasure’ (the tawdry tale of trashy dames on the rampage in Tenerife).

I knew there were upcoming auditions for Firedoor Theatre’s winter production of original play ‘The Lovers’ Guide to Losing Your Mind’ by Jason Coburn. Last year I had appeared in a short play called ‘The Stranger’ which he had written.  That had been an excellent experience.

I had read this new play and enjoyed it very much.

However being a mature, thoughtful (and realistic) individual I knew that the age profile of the characters in this play, were not suitable for me. It was almost like a burden had been lifted. I’d been feeling close to burn out with all my theatrical shenanigans. A little break had been welcome.

To sit out the audition was somewhat of a relief. I wouldn’t need to put myself through that emotional wringer of rejection. I wouldn’t need to haul my forty year old carcass about the place, trying to convince the non-blind that yes I can pass for someone in my twenties.

The play was cast, and the director picked. All was good. I would be front row central for opening night.

Then my phone rang.


‘Hello, Midnightmurphy here,’ I mumbled huskily into my phone.

‘Hello there, would you be interested in backstage work for the new show?’ Continue reading Theatre times: ‘The Lovers’ Guide to Losing your Mind’

Theatre times: ‘Let the right one in’

Preview shows are not meant to be reviewed before the official launch of a theatre production. However during previews, a show will sell tickets to a paying audience, and perform the entire play, as it is meant to be shown. Usually for a few nights before ‘opening night’ on a larger production there will be a few such performances. The point of these is to allow the cast and crew try the show out to a crowd, before critics are invited in, with their poison pens, to give their esteemed written opinions. They get one final chance to iron out last minute creases. The preview is usually a short period of time – unless it’s some massive Broadway show like ‘Spiderman’ – where the previews ran for months.

Last night I saw the second preview show of ‘Let the right one in’ by the National Theatre of Scotland and BKL productions (directed by John Tiffany).  It will be playing in the Abbey Theatre until January 6th. Continue reading Theatre times: ‘Let the right one in’

Theatre times: ‘This isn’t my desk’

My bank holiday weekend started off with a bang.

An evening at the theatre to see the new play ‘This isn’t my desk’ by Kate Cosgrave (who wrote and directed this piece for At Large Theatre) was my plan for tonight. The venue was Smock Alley Main Space – the Temple Bar Theatre which apparently is the oldest in the land, having been built in the 17th century.

As we entered the auditorium some cast members were already on stage. In a desultory manner a pair of blue overall wearing cleaners were sweeping the floor. The location was an office. Continue reading Theatre times: ‘This isn’t my desk’

Drifting back

I think my theatre sabbatical might be drawing to a close.

Over the past while I have been avoiding the theatre. I have skipped workshops – which occur on a weekly basis – with the drama group. I have been running from even the thought of writing any sort of play.

After a rather hectic year of dramatic excursions I was a bit worn out by it all. It can be so all-consuming and ravenous when it comes to your spare time, and so overwhelming in terms of the adrenalin in induces. This is offset by the exhilaration of seeing your play come to life on stage; or appearing in someone else’s piece. But sometimes you just feel worn out by the effort involved in getting stuff made. In this instance it may be better to take a step back and have a little break. You want to avoid creating an appalling yet irreversible situation – where you despise the theatre and the drama and the politics and the personalities; and want to abandon it for good. Continue reading Drifting back