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Theatrical: ‘Asking for it’


The Abbey Theatre (also known as the National Theatre of Ireland) first opened its doors in 1904. In 1925 it became the first state subsidised theatre in the English speaking world. To this day it receives funding from the Irish taxpayer to continue promoting and developing Irish theatre. Continue reading Theatrical: ‘Asking for it’


To the theatre darling: ‘Men at play’


I received a text on Wednesday night from a friend. She recommended that I haul my grizzled old carcass to the Complex on Little Green Street at my earliest convenience, to see Good Dog Theatre’s latest work – a play called ‘Men at play’. She thought I would enjoy it. Seeing as I am a person of easy persuasion (but very high virtue) I decided that Thursday evening would be the occasion I would attend. Continue reading To the theatre darling: ‘Men at play’

Last chance saloon: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Three shows have now been performed in the run of ‘Mother’s little treasure’ at the Pearse Centre. The audience has increased night on night, which is satisfying. Tonight being Friday and tomorrow being Saturday we are now entering the special nights. These were always going to be the blockbuster nights. Continue reading Last chance saloon: ‘Mother’s little treasure’

Opening night: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Opening night is complete. What a buzz. My fingernails are bitten to the quick. I took the executive decision last night to sit among the audience to laugh loudly at the places I thought they should be laughing. Just in case they needed any encouragement. It’s not that I am being arrogant. Or as delusional as the main character Maureen Moore is about the classiness of a leopard-print wardrobe. I was just nervous that they would sit there in stony faced silence and crush all my dreams by falling asleep. The house lights went down. The voiceover began.

‘Good evening ladies, gentlemen and others. Welcome to Firedoor Theatre’s production of Mother’s Little Treasure…’ I gulped and grasped the side of the seat in a vice-like grip. The show was on the road.
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The smokey eyes of Midnight Murphy


One of the deeply glamourous side effects of diabetes is blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy. This is where diabetes induced damage is caused to the retina. Over 80% of diabetics who have had the disease for 20 years or more will get retinopathy. Not all people with retinopathy will go blind thankfully. I have been diabetic for forty years since I was but a toddler. For some bizarre reason my eyesight is still intact. Every year I go to a special eye clinic where a nice woman takes a photograph of inside my eye, sends it away to a lab for analysis and issues the result. Continue reading The smokey eyes of Midnight Murphy

Our first audience: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Today was the official ‘get in’ day to the theatre – the day which we can start preparing the theatre – the backstage; the sound and light desks; the prop desk etc. And have a few run throughs on stage before the tech and dress rehearsal on Monday. All in anticipation of the main event – opening night on Tuesday. Continue reading Our first audience: ‘Mother’s little treasure’

Theatrical: ‘Mother’s little treasure’

Yesterday was the final rehearsal in the studio for my looming play ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’. Next weekend is the get-in to the theatre. When the fun and frolics begin in earnest. As luck would have it Dublin is on total lockdown next weekend as the Pope is in town. He’ll be doing two gigs – one in the Phoenix Park for half a million faithful; and the other in Croke Park for 80,000 people. The entire city centre is shut from about 8am on Saturday morning, until midnight on Sunday night. Highly inconvenient for an atheist trying to carry the set for a play, to a theatre for a Tuesday premiere.
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The return of ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’


In February 2017, Firedoor Theatre held one of their successful ‘Uncut’ evenings at the Pearse Centre in Dublin. This is a regular showcase event where writers, actors, directors are given a platform to try out material. If you have written a piece then you can stage it. A particular monologue you’ve always wanted to try out in front of an audience – well here is your opportunity. Continue reading The return of ‘Mother’s Little Treasure’