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An evening at the theatre, part deux: ‘Murder of crows’

After yesterday’s unsuccessful attempt (read about it HERE) to see the play in the title of this article, on Friday evening I tried again. I strolled to the Theatre Upstairs on Eden Quay for the 7pm arrival time. This theatre is located upstairs from Lanigan’s Bar, and is just around the corner from the Abbey Theatre. Continue reading An evening at the theatre, part deux: ‘Murder of crows’

The Peaches gig… and why I am a convert

Once upon a time there was a girl from Farnborough in Hampshire who shared a flat with an anti-social cat named Midnight; an anti-social Dutch gentleman called Muis; and yours truly. One evening she came home from work pronouncing the wonders of a Canadian singer named Peaches. I listened to the song ‘Fuck the pain away’ and I loved it. What an incredibly aggressive; rhythmic; funky song. The lyrics served notice that this singer was no wilting flower.
Continue reading The Peaches gig… and why I am a convert

Wicklow way

Since my return to my native land, I have been making valiant efforts to see places and things that had hitherto escaped my attention. I am being a tourist at home. While it is not always possible I endeavour to see something new on a weekly basis. The more I see, the more I understand that it will be impossible to see it all. There are so many beautiful places in this country. I realise that I am only scratching the surface. Never mind – I am enjoying the journey – there is no final destination. Continue reading Wicklow way

Theatre death-match: ‘Signatories’ versus ‘Eirebrushed’

The Olympia Theatre on Dame Street is currently hosting a play called ‘Signatories’. A show, written by eight Irish authors, comprising eight separate segments – with seven of them focusing on the signatories of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, and one on Nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell, who delivered the rebels’ surrender at the failed 1916 Easter Rising. Continue reading Theatre death-match: ‘Signatories’ versus ‘Eirebrushed’