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Theatre death-match: ‘Signatories’ versus ‘Eirebrushed’

The Olympia Theatre on Dame Street is currently hosting a play called ‘Signatories’. A show, written by eight Irish authors, comprising eight separate segments – with seven of them focusing on the signatories of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, and one on Nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell, who delivered the rebels’ surrender at the failed 1916 Easter Rising. Continue reading Theatre death-match: ‘Signatories’ versus ‘Eirebrushed’

Bizzy bee

It’s been quite the weekend.

After the horror of Friday (when it became clear that the lunatics had taken over the asylum in Britain -Boris Johnson; Michael Gove; Nigel Farage take your bows gentlemen please –  after the electorate there decided to punish the next generation for the mistakes made by the current Tory Party) it was a relief to welcome an EU visitor from Germany, to Dublin for the Pride weekend. Continue reading Bizzy bee