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Cinematheque: ‘Atomic Blonde’

Monday evening is my only night off this week. Tuesday night will be the tech rehearsal for the show. Wednesday will be the dress rehearsal. Then from Thursday to Saturday it is show-time. For this run, (The show is ‘Uncut 2017 ‘ and is on at the Pearse Centre from 17th to 19th August at 8pm) I have not written any acting part for myself. Partly to do with my utter laziness when it comes to learning lines (make no mistake – just because you have written a piece doesn’t make it magically easier to learn). It also has to do with the fact that ‘Mother’s Little Holiday’ is a sequel to a piece I wrote for the February showcase called ‘Mother’s Little Holiday. The cast remains the same, therefore no room for me. I will be directing this new piece however, so it’s not like I will be idling. I won’t have pre-show nerves in the same manner that I get before going onstage. But the tension will still be palpable.

My Monday plan was to loll about, like a sack of meal on a sofa, watching television. I received a text asking if I wanted to avail of a ‘two for a tenner’ cinema offer. A fiver for a film is a bargain, so I agreed. ‘Atomic Blonde’ in the Odeon Cinema on the top floor of the abandoned shopping centre in the Point it was so.

I knew nothing about the film, save for what I’d seen on the side of Dublin buses. Therefore I knew that Charlize Theron was glammed up and carried a gun. Continue reading Cinematheque: ‘Atomic Blonde’

Gaze Film Festival: Documentaries

The August bank holiday weekend, also saw the 25th anniversary of  GAZE – the Irish LGBT film festival. Over forty films were screened – some old classics; films soon to be released in cinema; low budget films that exist thanks to the film festival circuit; short films and documentaries. The festival was held in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield. Continue reading Gaze Film Festival: Documentaries

Cult movie time: ‘Cruising’

My Saturday evening was sensible. I arrived home early, with noble intentions of going to bed, to prepare myself for a productive rehearsal today. Then I opened Youtube. One of the ‘recommended’ clips for me was the 1980 film ‘Cruising’.

I saw this several years ago in Amsterdam. Therefore my recollection of the film was slightly hazy. I clicked on the link. Continue reading Cult movie time: ‘Cruising’

Murphy’s Classic Movies: ‘Roman Holiday’ (1953)

Some weeks ago I attended the Hepburn Season at the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, and spent a sophisticated evening of film watching Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in the camp classic ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ by Tennessee Williams. (Read about it HERE… Liz Taylor gave an impressively melodramatic performance in that movie – ‘We PROCURED for him Violet. We were BAIT… They DEVOURED him’. Continue reading Murphy’s Classic Movies: ‘Roman Holiday’ (1953)

‘Mother’s little holiday’ – the sequel

On extremely rare occasions film sequels are better than their predecessor. The only three that immediately spring to mind are ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ ; ‘Addams’ Family Value’ (thanks to Joan Cusack playing the insane nanny Debbie) and ‘The Godfather Part 2’. While some people claim that ‘Aliens’ is better than ‘Alien’  I don’t agree. ‘Alien’ is a vampire movie on a spaceship and is all the more tense and nailbiting as a result. ‘Aliens’ is an action film in space. Continue reading ‘Mother’s little holiday’ – the sequel

Cult film time: ‘Heathers’

Nostalgia is a feeling that I try to avoid. Looking back with longing for a seemingly better times is a waste. Remembering the past with fondness and happiness is a positive thing. However the yearning or aching to return to some mythical time seems to be a pointless exercise. Hindsight has that awkward little habit of providing 20/20 vision after all. That vision is lacking when you are actually experiencing a situation. Continue reading Cult film time: ‘Heathers’

‘Suddenly last summer’ Elizabeth Taylor realised she was being used for EVIL!

Yesterday evening I went to the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield. It is currently running a Katharine Hepburn film season, and is screening various highlights from her illustrious career. ‘Suddenly last summer’ from 1959 was last night’s film. Continue reading ‘Suddenly last summer’ Elizabeth Taylor realised she was being used for EVIL!