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Morrissey at the 3Arena


The Morrissey concert on Tuesday night was very impressive. The man remains in fine baritone voice, with effortless charisma and stage presence.

Upon arrival in the 3Arena we were greeted by a huge white, cloth screen covering the stage. On it was projected the image of Peter Wyngarde – the recently deceased lothario actor who was renowned for his suave, sophistication, as well as playing the TV detective Jason King in the late 1960s / early 1970s. His television career ended with an unfortunate series of cottaging incidents in Gloucester Bus Station in the mid-1970s. He never officially came out. Continue reading Morrissey at the 3Arena


Theatre times: ‘Black Cherry’


Being a bit of a theatre buff – either front-of- or backstage – I attend a lot of plays and shows, and have met some very interesting and talented people as a result. Being a member of Firedoor Theatre has meant that the majority of my Irish theatre experience backstage has been with this specific group (although it would appear that I am branching out over the summer). As it is a fairly exclusive (in other words small) group, there is a limit on the number of projects that can be staged or promoted fully during the year. People occasionally need to branch out, if and when the opportunity arises. So was the case with one of the stars of the new play ‘Black Cherry’ by Krystal Sweedman, which is being performed as a staged reading, as part of the Scene and Heard Festival, at Smock Alley, on Saturday 17th February at 4pm. Continue reading Theatre times: ‘Black Cherry’

Dublin Bus 40D – the emblem of failure


I have written previously about how shockingly difficult it is to reach one of the largest industrial estates in the country, on public transport, during rush hour, every morning. A place where tens of thousands of people work, served by such a primitive and unreliable service, clearly ought to be regarded as a problem. The problem is simple – the 40D bus from Parnell Street to Ballycoolin Industrial Estate is ‘The Bus that Never Arrives’. If I arrive at 8.25am for the 8.30am service then the bus will arrive at 8.44am. If you crawl out of bed early to make the 8.15am service then it will rock up at 8.44am. Continue reading Dublin Bus 40D – the emblem of failure

Acting workshop: ‘Exploring the text’



Firedoor Theatre runs weekly Wednesday/ acting workshops at a top secret city centre location (top secret as due to overwhelming demand, availability is limited – if more than the optimum numbers of people attend then the workshops become too crowded, which the group endeavours to prevent). I used to be the organiser of these workshops – in other words I would maintain the schedule, by booking a workshop facilitator approximately six weeks in advance; and then on the preceding Monday I would verify that they were still set for the Wednesday event. Those who cancelled several weeks in advance were readily forgiven; those who never responded to my last minute pleas for confirmation were never booked by me again. I’m like a vengeful elephant – I never forget.

The vast majority of facilitators attended on time and in full and have given us a series of entertaining and fulfilling workshops. The subjects can vary week to week – the Meisner Technique (apparently this dude is major when it comes to acting technique but I can never precisely remember what his methods are or what for). Other subjects are clowning; use of voice; audition workshops and the whole plethora of activities that make up the world of theatre.
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Back on the saddle again



After a three month sabbatical, I have decided that it is time that I remount my trusty steed and start driving once more. While I understand that, after my abject failure at my last test would indicate that the wisest course of action would have been to continue my classes on schedule. Regular practice is the means by which people obtain their driver’s licences. Continue reading Back on the saddle again

The wastelands on a snowy winter’s morning


Like the wailing from the lost souls in hell, my alarm clock started ringing at 6.30am. For most daytime dwelling, commuter folk – particularly those with offspring – this is a normal time to start the day. Not for my good self. I have my morning routine, refined to a precision that would make an Olympian proud. A simple matter of misplacing my keys for thirty seconds can mean the difference between catching, or missing my bus to the grim, industrial wastelands of North County Dublin. Continue reading The wastelands on a snowy winter’s morning

Going round in circles

It’s become almost a tradition at this stage, that I walk across the river to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre at 2pm on a Saturday in the hope of getting a cheap seat for a Saturday matinee. Today however I was out luck. The theatre was in darkness. No show for me. Just as I was about to pirouette around and head home, I had a brainwave. I really ought to do something useful with my Saturday afternoon. So I decided to take a stroll along the Grand Canal. Continue reading Going round in circles

Class reunion 2018


January is complete. This is always a nice psychological boost. It feels like spring is on the horizon. As you leave work there is still a tinge of daylight in the air. If like me, you have time measured by the second in the morning to ensure the longest possible lie in, then you notice that it is bright by the time you rouse yourself from your slumber-pit. Spring is approaching. This feels good.

Then you remember that February is pretty damned terrible as a month also. Cold, harsh, bleak and grey. With nothing to brighten your mood except for a Hallmark inspired, fake celebration of couple-hood in the middle the month.

And you are single
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