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What’s the time Mr. Wolf?


Every few months (on a day close to pay day) I will go on a concert ticket buying binge. I will look at the schedule for the coming twelve months; purchase any that look promising – which are not outrageously expensive or sold out; mark the date in my diary and forget about them. Until that handy little reminder pops up a few days in advance to warn of the impending event.

So it was with Patrick Wolf, whom I saw in the Sugar Club last night. I had seen him previously in the Melkweg (Milky Way) in Amsterdam in April 2011. I can remember this date as while at that concert a friend was in the audience (of which I was not aware) took a picture of me from a height, looking very moody and artistic. Having a healthy ego, I have used this picture as a Facebook profile picture, which serves as a precise reminder of when I saw the gig. Continue reading What’s the time Mr. Wolf?


Dental tourism in Poland


So the dental appointment yesterday was non-eventful. I had been warned that I needed a root canal procedure on a back tooth, and a crown placed on that same tooth. Yesterday’s appointment was to discuss my ‘plan’. In addition to the two aforementioned procedures I also require an ‘onlay’ on a different tooth (whatever that means?).

I blanched in horror when she told me the price – not exactly a steal at 2,150 euro (€650 for the root canal; €850 for the crown and €650 for the onlay). I know that I can claim 20% of this back through tax; and my health insurance with work will cover another €500. But that’s still an outlay (as opposed to an onlay) of the entire amount before waiting a year to claim some back. Continue reading Dental tourism in Poland

Theatre Times: ‘Let’s make a scene’


I waited impatiently by the bus stop, in the industrial wastelands. I had an appointment at 6.30pm.  I had been waiting for thirty minutes, for the bus that never arrives. This was annoying. I would be in a frantic rush once I disembarked on O’Connell Street, to get to Lombard Street on time. Continue reading Theatre Times: ‘Let’s make a scene’

Theatre times: ‘The Lovers’ Guide to Losing your Mind’


I had been enjoying a bijou sabbatical from the theatre world, after my exertions earlier in the year with ‘An Unexpected Party’ and ‘Mother’s Little Holiday Treasure’ (the tawdry tale of trashy dames on the rampage in Tenerife).

I knew there were upcoming auditions for Firedoor Theatre’s winter production of original play ‘The Lovers’ Guide to Losing Your Mind’ by Jason Coburn. Last year I had appeared in a short play called ‘The Stranger’ which he had written.  That had been an excellent experience.

I had read this new play and enjoyed it very much.

However being a mature, thoughtful (and realistic) individual I knew that the age profile of the characters in this play, were not suitable for me. It was almost like a burden had been lifted. I’d been feeling close to burn out with all my theatrical shenanigans. A little break had been welcome.

To sit out the audition was somewhat of a relief. I wouldn’t need to put myself through that emotional wringer of rejection. I wouldn’t need to haul my forty year old carcass about the place, trying to convince the non-blind that yes I can pass for someone in my twenties.

The play was cast, and the director picked. All was good. I would be front row central for opening night.

Then my phone rang.


‘Hello, Midnightmurphy here,’ I mumbled huskily into my phone.

‘Hello there, would you be interested in backstage work for the new show?’ Continue reading Theatre times: ‘The Lovers’ Guide to Losing your Mind’

Love on the No. 40


Now that we are plumbing the depths of winter, with daylight a distant, hazy memory, and climate conditions that would chill you to the bone, my trek to work to the industrial wastelands has become virtually intolerable. My work place itself, is in the November of locations – a singularly dank, grey, miserable, depressing, ugly part of town.

The journey has become a relentless obstacle course.

For starters, you never know when or whether the bus is going to arrive. The road which was closed while the tram track was being built, has now reopened. It’s since become a lottery whether or not you’ll end up standing by the side of the road, like a streetwalker, waiting for half an hour. In the dark, biting cold. Continue reading Love on the No. 40

Announcing .. the knights of the Netherlands


I spoke earlier in the week, about my disdain for the month of November. How its dreary drudgery saps all my energy and hope, thanks to its sullen announcement of winter.

Well in a surprising turn of events the final week of November looks like being an action packed and fun-filled time.

Why, you may be wondering?

Well the knights of the Netherlands are galloping into town, sequentially, over the next six days. Continue reading Announcing .. the knights of the Netherlands


A few weeks before Christmas last year, a group of activists called Home Sweet Home, occupied Apollo House – a vacant state owned building in the city centre, that used to be the home of the Department of Social Welfare. They turned it into a dry (as in no alcohol or drugs permitted) shelter, offering accommodation, food, and support to homeless people. The conditions were far superior than those offered by the homeless shelters funded by the government. They did this, not only to offer support to vulnerable people  but also to address the growing homeless catastrophe that is convulsing Ireland, and to try to pressure the government into dealing seriously with Ireland’s housing emergency.
Continue reading House