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You won’t fool the children of the revolution.


I miss the days when politicians were allowed to be ugly, and unpolished. Before social media was invented. Continue reading You won’t fool the children of the revolution.


What’s the time Mr. Wolf?


Every few months (on a day close to pay day) I will go on a concert ticket buying binge. I will look at the schedule for the coming twelve months; purchase any that look promising – which are not outrageously expensive or sold out; mark the date in my diary and forget about them. Until that handy little reminder pops up a few days in advance to warn of the impending event.

So it was with Patrick Wolf, whom I saw in the Sugar Club last night. I had seen him previously in the Melkweg (Milky Way) in Amsterdam in April 2011. I can remember this date as while at that concert a friend was in the audience (of which I was not aware) took a picture of me from a height, looking very moody and artistic. Having a healthy ego, I have used this picture as a Facebook profile picture, which serves as a precise reminder of when I saw the gig. Continue reading What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

Dental tourism in Poland


So the dental appointment yesterday was non-eventful. I had been warned that I needed a root canal procedure on a back tooth, and a crown placed on that same tooth. Yesterday’s appointment was to discuss my ‘plan’. In addition to the two aforementioned procedures I also require an ‘onlay’ on a different tooth (whatever that means?).

I blanched in horror when she told me the price – not exactly a steal at 2,150 euro (€650 for the root canal; €850 for the crown and €650 for the onlay). I know that I can claim 20% of this back through tax; and my health insurance with work will cover another €500. But that’s still an outlay (as opposed to an onlay) of the entire amount before waiting a year to claim some back. Continue reading Dental tourism in Poland

It’s Panto season : The Dublin Bus edition


Morose I sat, on the bus to the wastelands. Outside the window, a gentle shower of snow was forming a grimy sludge by the roadside.

It was Friday. In less than a fortnight the days will be getting longer again.

Suddenly my interest was piqued. Who were these three individuals boarding my bus? I didn’t recognise them – and I tend to know the regulars on this journey. They seemed fairly ordinary looking, but had a little extra panache that is unusual around these here parts. Continue reading It’s Panto season : The Dublin Bus edition

Temporarily yours


It was the fortnight before Christmas.

The festive tree sparkled welcomingly at reception. The workers were chattering excitedly about the upcoming Christmas party, predicting what dazzling array of finger foods would be on display. As the party would be a catered affair, in a hired premises, one should not expect that the foodstuff will have been sourced at Lidl. However the cheapest option on the menu, will have been requested. This is without question. Some sausage rolls; a few chicken nuggets; a selection of peanut bowls. Continue reading Temporarily yours

Workers of the world unite: the Mariah Carey edition.

‘All I want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey ought to have a subtitle. The subtitle would read ‘Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains’.

Not only is it Mariah’s magnum opus – in fact her only good song – it is simultaneously extremely catchy, and a clear criticism of the excesses of festive capitalism. It’s basically the ‘Das Kapital’ of Christmas music. Continue reading Workers of the world unite: the Mariah Carey edition.