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A job interview – for my own job


This morning I had a job interview. For the very same job I have been doing for the past two years. This may appear slightly surreal and bizarre, but when you are as hardened to the deranged workings of a multi-national corporation as I am, then you tend just to shrug your shoulders and go through the motions, regardless of how ludicrous they might appear.

Some months ago a thrilling, and exhilarating announcement was made. In the interests of accelerating growth; harmonising potential and unleashing synergies, a ‘redesign’ of how we work was announced. Continue reading A job interview – for my own job


Erasure: ‘World be gone’ – concert of the year


After the disappointment of the last minute, opening-night concert postponement in January, I was keeping my expectations realistic. If the truth be told I was expecting a cancellation. A band like Erasure which is on a multi-date tour, and a venue like the Olympia, which is consistently busy, must both schedule their events with the precision of an obsessive-compulsive homing pigeon. A three night stint of gigs isn’t so easy to reschedule. In a worst case scenario you’ll be left in a Red Hot Chili Peppers situation where your night out will switch from the opening night show, to the closing night show almost a year later. Continue reading Erasure: ‘World be gone’ – concert of the year

To the hospital


As avid readers of this journal will be aware I suffer from the deeply glamourous, chronic condition of Type 1 diabetes. At the age of four, my pancreas declared itself uncooperative, refused point blank to cooperate with my body, and stopped producing insulin. (I like to imagine it threw a massive tantrum and then flounced off in a sulk). Meaning that every day since, I have taken a series of injections (originally of pig’s insulin; more recently of synthetic insulin) and blood tests to regulate my sugar levels. Continue reading To the hospital

Bookworm: ‘A slanting of the sun’ by Donal Ryan


I have just finished reading ‘A slanting of the sun’ – a 2015 collection of short stories written by Nenagh native Donal Ryan – the Tipperary author who exploded onto the literary scene in 2012 with his devastating book ‘The spinning heart’. This book explored the impact of the economic crash on the local population of a mid-sized country town. I have not read this book, but saw the stage adaptation in Smock Alley Theatre in January last year and was highly impressed. That book was followed by ‘The thing about December’ – written before, but published after ‘The spinning heart’ – a novel set in the same town. It was about a Johnsey Cunliffe – a damaged man unable to deal with the pressures forced on him as the cancerous Celtic Tiger descends on him, as he inherits a great deal of wealth. It was a very unsettling book, told with great humour, but with an underlying sense of dread and darkness. I wrote about this book PREVIOUSLY. Continue reading Bookworm: ‘A slanting of the sun’ by Donal Ryan