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Limerick: the rocks that I got


The weekend just passed was a maelstrom of activity. I was collected from work in a motorcar on Friday afternoon, from the depths of the wastelands. Across the country we drove. The destination was Limerick. Owing to roadworks on the Naas road we took an alternative route. As a result we were denied the opportunity to stop for caffeine-infused refreshment at the Barack Obama Plaza – a service area, at Junction 23 of the M7 on the edge of the village of Moneygall. Luckily in the West there is a chain of such service stops, all identical to each other. We had a coffee at the less glamourously named Galway Plaza. I resisted the overwhelming urge for chips with garlic sauce and grated cheese at Supermacs. I am a man of resolve. Continue reading Limerick: the rocks that I got


‘Home for need, not for greed’ and other matters.


Some weeks ago, I wrote about my attendance at a protest in Summerhill Parade (read about it HERE ). Slum landlords – the O’Donnell Family from county Clare – had evicted 120 tenants without warning, where they had been living six to a room in five terraced houses. Anti-homelessness campaign group ‘Take back the city’ occupied the houses in retaliation to protest complete government inaction in addressing the housing catastrophe engulfing Ireland. The activists were evicted and, immediately occupied another city centre building – 34 North Frederick Street. This property is a Georgian building owned by the McGreal Family. This family are not slum landlords – they are property hoarders. The building has been lying empty for over three years. They are waiting to sell it for development at the maximum price presumably. Continue reading ‘Home for need, not for greed’ and other matters.

Cinematic: BlacKkKlansman 47


About a year ago, through work I obtained four cinema tickets, for five euro each, to be used at any one of the Odeon Cinemas. As the weekend was the start of the Fringe Theatre Festival, you might guess that I would not be at the pictures, as I’d be watching a live show. You’d be wrong. After our exertions with ‘Mother’s little treasure’ I am currently enjoying a mini-hiatus from theatrical pursuits. It’s only temporary but the break is needed. Continue reading Cinematic: BlacKkKlansman 47

By the sea


It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. I had a vague notion to visit Marsh’s Library in town as I had never previously been there. I put a comment on Facebook to ask the internet if it had any other suggestions for me. Lo and behold, a friend was going to the seaside – and wanted to know if I was interested in joining. I didn’t need asking twice. I sprinted to Connolly station and we boarded the train to Dun Laoghaire. Continue reading By the sea

Saturday in Dublin


With ‘Mother’s little treasure’ on hiatus I have much more free time. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than on an exploratory walk through my neighbourhood. This has been an ongoing project of mine for several years now – to properly explore the city I live in. Considering the size of Dublin, I will never be finished. It remains a satisfying pursuit nonetheless. Continue reading Saturday in Dublin

Last chance saloon: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Three shows have now been performed in the run of ‘Mother’s little treasure’ at the Pearse Centre. The audience has increased night on night, which is satisfying. Tonight being Friday and tomorrow being Saturday we are now entering the special nights. These were always going to be the blockbuster nights. Continue reading Last chance saloon: ‘Mother’s little treasure’

Opening night: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Opening night is complete. What a buzz. My fingernails are bitten to the quick. I took the executive decision last night to sit among the audience to laugh loudly at the places I thought they should be laughing. Just in case they needed any encouragement. It’s not that I am being arrogant. Or as delusional as the main character Maureen Moore is about the classiness of a leopard-print wardrobe. I was just nervous that they would sit there in stony faced silence and crush all my dreams by falling asleep. The house lights went down. The voiceover began.

‘Good evening ladies, gentlemen and others. Welcome to Firedoor Theatre’s production of Mother’s Little Treasure…’ I gulped and grasped the side of the seat in a vice-like grip. The show was on the road.
Continue reading Opening night: ‘Mother’s little treasure’

The smokey eyes of Midnight Murphy


One of the deeply glamourous side effects of diabetes is blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy. This is where diabetes induced damage is caused to the retina. Over 80% of diabetics who have had the disease for 20 years or more will get retinopathy. Not all people with retinopathy will go blind thankfully. I have been diabetic for forty years since I was but a toddler. For some bizarre reason my eyesight is still intact. Every year I go to a special eye clinic where a nice woman takes a photograph of inside my eye, sends it away to a lab for analysis and issues the result. Continue reading The smokey eyes of Midnight Murphy

Our first audience: ‘Mother’s little treasure’


Today was the official ‘get in’ day to the theatre – the day which we can start preparing the theatre – the backstage; the sound and light desks; the prop desk etc. And have a few run throughs on stage before the tech and dress rehearsal on Monday. All in anticipation of the main event – opening night on Tuesday. Continue reading Our first audience: ‘Mother’s little treasure’