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Checkmate, Angela


Germany voted to legalise same sex marriage last night.

Congratulations to the LGBT community in Germany. I hope this is another step on the road to full acceptance in society.

No gratitude to Angela Merkel though. She truly has shown her icy brutality as a human being in this whole saga. Cunning to the point of awe. Inspirational in her calculating deviousness. Continue reading Checkmate, Angela


Boojum Burritos: TOTES adequate


Every Wednesday evening there is a drama workshop in the city centre. I’ve been known to attend.

The problem is that it starts at 7pm. When one works in the grim, industrial wastelands of County Dublin, and only finishes toiling at the coalface of administration at 5.30pm,  there is no time to rush home for a quick bite to eat before heading out again.

This necessitates some compromise. As a diabetic I can’t skip a meal. If at all possible I try to avoid  eating at McDonalds or Burger King. Continue reading Boojum Burritos: TOTES adequate

‘Mother’s little holiday’ – the sequel

On extremely rare occasions film sequels are better than their predecessor. The only three that immediately spring to mind are ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ ; ‘Addams’ Family Value’ (thanks to Joan Cusack playing the insane nanny Debbie) and ‘The Godfather Part 2’. While some people claim that ‘Aliens’ is better than ‘Alien’  I don’t agree. ‘Alien’ is a vampire movie on a spaceship and is all the more tense and nailbiting as a result. ‘Aliens’ is an action film in space. Continue reading ‘Mother’s little holiday’ – the sequel

Bookworm: ‘Days without end’ by Sebastian Barry

‘Days without end’ by Sebastian Barry is his latest tale in a series of books about the McNulty family of Sligo. Set over various centuries on different continents these books examine various people in different generations of one family, and how they fare in the world. ‘The Temporary Gentleman’ was about Jack McNulty – working for the UN in Ghana in 1957, as he remembers his ruinous marriage to his fellow alcoholic Mai Kirwan (you can read my take on that book HERE… ) Continue reading Bookworm: ‘Days without end’ by Sebastian Barry

Bloomsday: James Joyce Day, June 16th

I have a gig on Friday with a band. The fact that I am unable to play a musical instrument, and possess a singing voice that sounds like a bag of cats in a blender (a metaphorical blender – I love cats and would never knowingly cause a moment of distress to one of those classy creatures) is entirely irrelevant. My services were requested, so I graciously accepted. I have been asked to perform to honour the works of Mr. James Joyce. Continue reading Bloomsday: James Joyce Day, June 16th