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Bookworm: ‘The thing about December’

Some months ago I started reading the book ‘The thing about December’ by Donal Ryan. I put it to one side in the run-up to, the duration and aftermath of the theatre festival. On my recent weekend in Lisbon it accompanied me. Continue reading Bookworm: ‘The thing about December’


Culture vulture: The Literary Festival

It’s coming up to the two year anniversary of the marriage equality referendum. In what is becoming a minor annual tradition, I updated my Facebook profile picture to a snap taken of me the day before the vote. I had just come home from an afternoon of haranguing passers-by ,encouraging them to vote in favour of equal civil rights for their fellow citizens, on the streets of Limerick. I sported a hi-viz orange vest which proclaimed ‘Yes Quality’. At the time, I didn’t bother telling anyone that, as I’d been out of he country for fifteen years I was not allowed to vote. My voting card still arrived at the Mammy’s address however. What should I do with that I wondered? In time honoured ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ tradition I exercised my forbidden democratic right. Continue reading Culture vulture: The Literary Festival

Hometown glory – The Cranberries

If a music artist or band plays a gig, I find that the first time I see them perform has a tendency to be the most enjoyable. The most obvious example is Madonna – although in her case my perception might be skewed by the fact that a gaggle of gays from Amsterdam and Dublin, convened in London to her see her perform her Reinvention Tour – which was essentially a greatest hits tour to re-engage her fanbase after a flop album; and before she descended into a parody of her former self becoming the oldest swinger in town, who’s down with the kids.

It was an outstandingly joyous event. My father had only died a short time before. Another fatherless Canadian gay friend and I, teamed up with a random fatherless lesbian and unmelodiously shrieked along to ‘Like a prayer’ like it was our anthem,.

Later tours exposed her musical mediocrity – her obsession with being regarded as some avant-garde, alternative genius, exposing how ropy and uninteresting her newer music had become. Play the hits woman – you’re charging over a hundred quid a ticket, nobody wants to hear you rap. Continue reading Hometown glory – The Cranberries

I lost this battle. But I will win the war

Each morning about fifteen minutes after arriving at work I will go downstairs for breakfast. I am not an adventurous person when it comes to my morning meal – it is  the same every day. A mug of coffee, a slice of batch toast (with butter, not margarine) and a hardboiled egg. Monday to Friday sees little variation (although I have – on occasions of mild rebellion – been known to partake of a bowl of porridge). It’s not that I lack an adventurous spirit, it’s just that being a diabetic of the Type 1 kind, a food routine is important. Maintain those blood sugar levels. Continue reading I lost this battle. But I will win the war