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I wrote a play – it’s on in a festival

The silence is over. Last night was the official launch of the 14th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. it is being held from Monday May 1st to Sunday May 14th 2017 at various locations around the city.  I have had a play accepted into the Festival. It is called ‘An unexpected party’. Continue reading I wrote a play – it’s on in a festival


The bookshelf of doom: ‘A place called Winter’

When I returned to Ireland at the end of 2015, I bid farewell to my book collection. This was one of the most heartbreaking parts of leaving Amsterdam. It was a collection that had been lovingly built up over decades. Comprising of books purchased in Dublin late last century when I lived there – these had been transported at my employer’s expense when I moved to the Land Below the Sea at the turn of the century – right up to the moment of departure, There were hundreds of books involved. Continue reading The bookshelf of doom: ‘A place called Winter’

I have a dream.

Other people’s night-time dreams are boring to hear about. I’ve never made any secret of my disinterest in them. No doubt they are fascinating to the person experiencing them. It’s the post-dream public post-mortem on the meaning and interpretation that is the issue for me. Analysing dreams is about as useful an exercise, as asking how long is a piece of string. It depends on the context, the person involved and their situation. Perhaps it’s just brain hormones. Continue reading I have a dream.

Bookworm: ‘The Temporary Gentleman’

When I moved back to Ireland in late 2015, I spent three months in the town of my youth – Limerick. It had been almost twenty years since I had lived there. I had visited for a week here and there, while living in Amsterdam or Dublin. The Famiglia Murphy were still largely in residence in the town. So I’d make the trek home a few times every year. Continue reading Bookworm: ‘The Temporary Gentleman’

An unexpected party

The theatre festival in which I have  accepted a part in the play that I have written, is looming. As the official launch is imminent we are not yet able to start advertising properly. It costs dirty cash to stage a play,  therefore fundraising is necessary. The table quiz for my play will be on Friday 7th April, in the BeerHouse on Capel Street. The festival will have been launched by then so full details about the show and its wondrous cast and script  will be available by then. Continue reading An unexpected party

I won a prize

I attended a table quiz in the Front Lounge yesterday evening, to help raise funds for the 14th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. This is a fortnight long festival running from May 1st to 14th at various locations around the city. It is a platform for new and old writing from both Ireland and abroad. It  features writing from both LGBT writers and straight writers. The themes of the plays tend to be varied but usually involve stories of – or featuring  – the Queer. Continue reading I won a prize

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Michael Gambon

I disembarked from the bus – as I always do – at the top of O’Connell Street. I had rehearsal this evening for a new top secret play that I will be performing in, as part of a theatre festival at the beginning of May. We have been told that until the festival is launched then no promotion can take place. Well that’s all fine and dandy but zipping my lip is getting increasingly difficult. Continue reading Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Michael Gambon