Monthly Archives: February 2017

Cinematheque: ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Moonlight’

After my weekend of theatre I spent a few days unwinding with an old reliable friend – the cinema house. Continue reading Cinematheque: ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Moonlight’


Bookworm: ‘Look who’s back’

For my birthday three years ago I was given a book as a gift. I was given many books that year (it was an important birthday), which meant that by the time I was packing to leave Amsterdam just over a year later, there were still many unread tomes in my collection. Including this one particular book. Sadly it could not make the journey over the sea back to Ireland with me. As books are a dead weight, my collection was gifted to other people, left in my local laundrette, or – and I am ashamed to admit this – discarded. Not this one- I made sure I gave this one a proper home – I wanted to retrieve it and to read it later. Continue reading Bookworm: ‘Look who’s back’

A toilet disaster. A walk in nature.

After rehearsal for next week’s showcase, I was feeling pleased. The piece I am appearing in, and the piece I have written and directed are both progressing well. We are almost ready.

Afterwards a few of us headed to the Wooden Whisk café on Talbot Street for refreshment. This is a proper café. No ‘eatery’ nonsense anywhere on the menu or signage. I ordered scrambled eggs on toast and a filter coffee, which were inhaled in record time. Continue reading A toilet disaster. A walk in nature.

Calm waters restored

Going to Mayo for a weekend of relaxation is a calm, mature and dignified activity.

Raising hen to paper to write a post about the experience is entirely predictable – after all this whole blog is based on my personal experiences and twitterings. I’ve been consistent over the last year in discreetly revealing my life (although never once have I revealed the name of a friend in here – not everyone is as fond as I am of navel-gazing). Continue reading Calm waters restored

Theatre times: ‘Couple+Pairs/2/’


Feeling a bit peckish after my day at the coalface of the corporate world, I called into Supermacs for a dose of chicken and chips. A healthy homecooked meal was not possible this evening. I was going to the theatre.

Showtime was at 7pm. For my evening of entertainment I was attending ‘Couples+Pairs/2/’ by Blue Heart Theatre. The venue was Theatre Upstairs on Eden Quay. Continue reading Theatre times: ‘Couple+Pairs/2/’

Way out west – Mayo

At 1.15pm on Friday I received a call to tell me that my travel companion was ten minutes from my office. I started gathering my belongings in preparation for departure. Only then did my boss tell me that an urgent report was required. Cursing under my breath I downloaded it – quickly scanned it, hit send on the email. I suspect I will be asked about it on Monday. But there was no time to think about it then. I was off to Mayo for the weekend. Ballina to be more precise about the location. Continue reading Way out west – Mayo