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1 of me, with 2 of The 4 of Us

I watch the concert schedules to be aware of upcoming gigs. Not for the massive concerts that are advertised all over the press, and get mentioned on the news, when the dates are announced. More to keep an eye on the gigs in the smaller venues. You get to see a lot of fantastic acts this way. Amsterdam was great for these kind of shows- acts which are huge in Ireland or Britain tend to get famous later in Holland, thus their early live performances tend to be in a more intimate venue than they might play at home- the most obvious example being when I saw Coldplay in the Melkweg way back in the mists of time – it’s a theatre with less than one thousand seats.
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RIP 2016

The approach of 2017 is inexorable. In three short days we’ll at the start of a brand new year. Being in the northern hemisphere means that I’ll be welcoming the new cycle of the earth around the sun, at the darkest and coldest time. That’s an accident of geography though- no point in splitting ¬†hairs about that . Continue reading RIP 2016

A tribute to George Michael



And just like that he was gone.

I wrote the piece in the link below, a fortnight ago, about my evening at the George Michael impersonator’s cabaret. Very sad to read the news that he died on Christmas Day. He represented my childhood to me – Wham was the first pop group of whom I was a massive fan. I liked them both, but I always preferred George to Andrew. And the crush I had on him, was probably the first major crush of my life. And still one of the greatest. Little Murphy from Limerick, swooning over the Ladies’ Man from Wham!

An innocent time.

RIP George. You have been loved.

Source: A tribute to George Michael