Monthly Archives: November 2016

Strollin’, strollin’, strollin’ on the river,

This afternoon was spent walking. Having arrived home yesterday evening, for a lunchtime appointment tomorrow, I had a day to myself. To do what I pleased. At my own pace. I could have done the countryside walk near my mother’s house. But that walk has been done so often I can almost see the imprint of my footstep on the road.

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Limerick, you’re a langer. Boy

I am going home this weekend. In just a few hours in fact. I’ll be talking the train from Heuston Station in Dublin directly to Limerick. I won’t be taking the Cork train and then alighting in Limerick Junction – the armpit of Ireland – to swap over to the commuter train. I will be watching my bags like a hawk. The last time I took this train was several years ago – since I have returned, bussing it has been my mode of transport. On that  particular occasion I was home for a Christmas visit. As I waited in Supermacs for my garlic chip and cheese, I realised that my wallet has been lifted from my pocket. Being a last minute present buyer, I had not yet purchased any gifts. But I had withdrawn a big wodge of cash money to buy them the following day. Continue reading Limerick, you’re a langer. Boy

A cunning plan is needed

Business strategy
In the corporate world it’s all about synergies and communications and praising each others achievements to the skies. It’s about stretch targets and going that extra mile. It’s about being so far outside the box when it comes to your thinking that your potential cannot even be boxed in. It’s about harnessing the matrix. It’s about granular thinking, It’s about low hanging fruit. It’s about powerful conversations. It’s about shared visions. Continue reading A cunning plan is needed

Gobnait and the Greek

Rarely do I discuss my evening commute – the journey where I return to civilisation, from the armpit of Ireland – the industrial suburbs of Dublin. Perhaps it is because my heart is lighter – the workday is over and I have an evening to spend, as I see fit. There’s no sense of looming doom at this time. My spirit is lighter. In the evening I look on my fellow passengers with more goodwill and less fear (speaking of which it’s worth noting that Bruiser and Beyoncé are never on the evening bus). Continue reading Gobnait and the Greek