Monthly Archives: October 2016

I’ll drive myself home, thank you.

The hour of doom was 2pm. I was having another driving lesson.
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The aftermath

My alarm clock started shrieking at midday. That contraption is capable of such hysteria. I staggered to the bathroom and blearily stared into the mirror. What a shocker. My face was smeared with cheap Dealz Halloween makeup. It was offset beautifully by my puffy, bloodshot eyes. How had this happened?
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Nightmare in Dublin

In my (admittedly) biased opinion, there’s only one thing more boring than hearing about people’s horoscopes, and that is hearing about people’s dreams. Now, I don’t mean dreams in the sense of someone’s hopes and ambitions and desires for the future. Those can be both fascinating and inspiring. I am talking about dreams in the literal sense – those little brain-farts that happen, when you are in a light sleep. Continue reading Nightmare in Dublin

‘There is something in my house, my house It’s just a ghost of the long, long dead affair’

The final rehearsal for the haunted-boat play was last night. I hosted it in my flat – which made sense. I don’t have the burden of a housemate, whose feelings I have to take into consideration when I wish to be expressive. If I feel like wandering around the house at 4am in my y-fronts, drinking milk straight from the carton, well it’s no-one’s concern apart from my own. The play seems to be almost ready. I won’t tempt fate by saying any more. Continue reading ‘There is something in my house, my house It’s just a ghost of the long, long dead affair’

Wicklow way

Since my return to my native land, I have been making valiant efforts to see places and things that had hitherto escaped my attention. I am being a tourist at home. While it is not always possible I endeavour to see something new on a weekly basis. The more I see, the more I understand that it will be impossible to see it all. There are so many beautiful places in this country. I realise that I am only scratching the surface. Never mind – I am enjoying the journey – there is no final destination. Continue reading Wicklow way