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The beating heart of democracy

Today I went on an excursion to the Irish Houses of Parliament on Kildare Street (which houses two of the three branches of the Irish legislature – or ‘Oireachtas’ in Irish). The two chambers residing here are the lower house – Dáil Éireann;  and the upper house – Seanad Éireann. The other branch is the office of the President – which I have previously visited and blogged about : . Continue reading The beating heart of democracy


A shortcut through gangland

The sound of the alarm in the morning is a noise that appals me. It is so piercing, so insistent, so relentless. So inhumane. A clock to the left of my bed, my telephone to the right, they are programmed to start ringing five minutes apart. Just in case I unconsciously smash one against the wall in my sleep. It is wise to have a backup. Continue reading A shortcut through gangland

The strange, troubling world of the heterosexual

Imagine a bus journey to a suburban office park in the morning.

Imagine the passengers being transported to their dreary workplaces.

Imagine seeing the same faces day after day, wondering who they are. And what motivates them.

Then imagine that the portly gentleman with the tattooed lower leg , whom you have never acknowledged, is sitting right behind you chatting to one of his colleagues.

Imagine the conversation they have.

Actually don’t imagine that conversation – I’m going to tell you about it.
Continue reading The strange, troubling world of the heterosexual

Young Offenders and Old

Someone who reads my blog mentioned to me that it’s sort of become an online diary of my everyday life. That’s true. Well I’m no Yummy Mummy who teaches yoga. Or a millennial idealist who is passionate about gluten free bread. I have no skills to teach the world. I can’t teach someone how to knit their way to inner peace. I can post my observations however. Continue reading Young Offenders and Old