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Red hot chili bastards

Last week it was announced, that the popular music combo ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ were playing a gig in the Point Depot near my house on December 20th. Being a creature that grew up in the 80s and 90s, this was thrilling news. Not only was their music gripping to my teenaged soul, I also had strong feelings for the lead singer Anthony Kiedis. Continue reading Red hot chili bastards


Courage Citizen #Misneach

So this evening was the premiere of ‘Miss Julie’ in the Pearse Centre on Pearse Street (Great Brunswick Street before independence). The Centre has a modern theatre out at the back of the building that was installed at the same time as the ritzy Trinity Capital Hotel next door was being constructed. The hotel offered to build and donate the theatre to the Centre if they could house hotel rooms above it. As a result there is a small but modern wood decked theatre in the back garden of the Pearse Centre which is great for plays and also has a high speed free Wifi courtesy of the hotel next door. Continue reading Courage Citizen #Misneach

A suburb without pity.


It was a late night and the quality of sleep enjoyed was somewhat patchy. That’s as a consequence of last night being tech and dress rehearsal for ‘Miss Julie’ which begins in the Pearse Centre today and runs until Saturday.

As a result I slept in late, this morning. Not by much – only by about 15 minutes. The speed with which I did my morning ablutions was impressive. Continue reading A suburb without pity.

‘Spare two euro for a hostel? God bless you’.

The area in which I live in Dublin has a situation involving homelessness and drug addiction.

From the fleabag hotels on Gardner Street that house several single mothers and their children, to the rough sleepers in the shop doorways, Dublin 1 – the North inner city – is not a great advertisement for Ireland’s economic recovery.
Continue reading ‘Spare two euro for a hostel? God bless you’.