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Things you learn after returning to the homeland after 15 years abroad

I moved to Amsterdam on a whim in November 2000. I was young, with itchy feet, and feeling stifled by my job – which involved shift work with a different work pattern each week. Living in Dublin at the time was pleasant – I had money in my pocket to spend; good friends and a social life which seemed to involve a lot of nightclubbing. A chance arose to live abroad and I grabbed it and held on for dear life. For fifteen years. Continue reading Things you learn after returning to the homeland after 15 years abroad


Opening night

The call for the final dress rehearsal was at 6pm on Monday evening.
I arrived  a few minutes late – working at the compulsory job all week meant a timely arrival would be challenging. All those familiar faces were already there at the theatre, excited about the start of the show, and perhaps like me, they are bricking it at the same time. Continue reading Opening night

My glittering career

Tonight is opening night for a play that I am appearing in this week. It is a comedy called ‘Everyone’s a winner’ and it has been written by the writers’ club of the theatre group of which I am a member. It is the age old tale of a Lotto syndicate which wins a massive jackpot, only to lose the ticket. Dublin City descends into chaos as people franticly start upending dustbins in a desperate attempt to find the ticket. I have a small role as a sour-faced Ukrainian road-sweep called Jakkub. It is on at Players’ Theatre in Trinity College at 8pm from Tuesday to Saturday and it’s a bargain at only 12 euros (the price of a cinema ticket, and with the added bonus of going for beverages with the cast after the performance – we’re narcissistic that way).
Continue reading My glittering career

Bizzy bee

It’s been quite the weekend.

After the horror of Friday (when it became clear that the lunatics had taken over the asylum in Britain -Boris Johnson; Michael Gove; Nigel Farage take your bows gentlemen please –  after the electorate there decided to punish the next generation for the mistakes made by the current Tory Party) it was a relief to welcome an EU visitor from Germany, to Dublin for the Pride weekend. Continue reading Bizzy bee

Britain – I don’t know her

So Britain has voted to leave the EU. While I’m not British and wouldn’t have voted to leave, the result is valid, and needs to be respected, regardless of whether it was the grey vote that tipped the balance in favour of leave. The young voters who voted in their majority to stay will have to live with the consequences. But that’s simply the nature of referenda. Continue reading Britain – I don’t know her

Genus homosapien – workplace edition

David Attenborough is one the most interesting television presenters alive. Travelling the length and breadth of the globe, examining the habitat of all manner of flora and fauna – from the Amazon rainforest to the Sahara desert to the North Pole. He explores the challenges and environments endured by plant and animal, and explains these in an engaging, entertaining and informative manner. Continue reading Genus homosapien – workplace edition

Beyonce at the B&B

Recently I have been getting the 8.30 bus in the morning, instead of the 8.15. It gets me to my desk by 9.10 which is still in the vicinity of on-time. However as my boss never rocks up until 9.30, I have taken the unilateral decision that an extra fifteen minutes in my pit, in the morning is good for my health, and that I am going to avail of this extra time. Continue reading Beyonce at the B&B