Monthly Archives: May 2016

Save the English language

I’ll admit that the title is a touch melodramatic but I am slightly troubled. Continue reading Save the English language


Driving Mr. Murphy

In typical style I am postponing important decisions. Not for any valid reason – it’s more to do with some irrational fear of failure. If I don’t try, then I can’t fail. Now logic would respond that if I don’t try then I’ve already failed – it’s just unofficial. But logic can be overrated. Continue reading Driving Mr. Murphy

Hugh Lane Gallery

After rehearsal today, a fellow thesp and I took a stroll to O’Connell Street to check out the dungeon of a bar, as a potential performance space. I say dungeon, whereas I ought to be saying ‘downstairs bar area’. Quite a pleasant place -seats about 75, tastefully appointed. My concern was the bar upstairs and its wooden floors. Being a veteran of living upstairs from bars, I am concious of sound. The space has a definite potential though. Continue reading Hugh Lane Gallery