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The 4th best concert of all time

Last night was spent in Vicar Street in the company of Christy Moore and his audience.
And I don’t want to exaggerate  but it in my restrained and unbiased opinion, it was one of the most electrifying nights in the history of showbusiness. Continue reading The 4th best concert of all time


I stink

My morning routine varies very rarely. Both my alarms go off at 7.25am. I hit the snooze button for ten minutes and lie in my pit feeling sorry for myself until 7.35am, at which point I jump out of bed, rush to the shower, wash, brush my teeth, apply some anti-perspirant and moisturise (this is an important thing for men of a certain age to always remember to do – those wrinkles don’t fully disappear even when my face is at rest any more). At 7.50 I leave the house and take a brisk walk to my bus-stop. I arrive at the stop at 8.10 and five minutes later we depart – with me saying an inner prayer that Beyonce’s mum won’t take agin me en route to work today. Continue reading I stink

Raspberry beret

Two days ago security at the palace was heightened dramatically – the national police – the Carabinieri were stationed at the gate monitoring people coming in and going out. Sniffer dogs were wandering around. It was all very James Bond. Yesterday morning the banquet hall where I partake of breakfast was closed off and we were shunted to a less grand – but still stunning – room for our boiled eggs.

What could it be? A wedding I suspected But whose wedding. Someone important clearly. Is Berlusconi single right now? Is some innocent 19 year old being sent to his musky, facelifted lair?
Continue reading Raspberry beret

Medieval and bloated

There is a village in the mountains outside of Rome. It Is thousands of years old. But it was redecorated in the year 1072 in the medieval style. It has a medieval church and some and museum and it is granite heavy. Architecturally I am not sure if it is an important town – it looks impressive but grim – rather like the middle ages in general. The redecoration predates the renaissance so beauty was not high on the agenda for these buildings. I was suitably awed however. Mostly by the ugly multi-storey car park which came directly from the 1970s and was nestled in between all the old buildings. Continue reading Medieval and bloated