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My beautiful neighbourhood

I live in a very schizophrenic part of Dublin.

In the sense that it is northside inner city, meaning that it is a place of historic and cultural significance in Irish history, and also it is now the financial hub of the Irish banking industry. Continue reading My beautiful neighbourhood


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the circus

I have not written a blog in a few days (oh here we go say the folk who have read blogs for a while – Murphy is fading, never liked his blog anywat).

But I have a Grade A excuse.

I have been in rehearsal for the World Premiere (!) of my 10 minute magnum opus. Which will be seen by an audience of tens (hopefully) over the next few nights. Continue reading Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the circus

The strong, silent type

I’ve been wondering lately about when I went back into the closet.

Please don’t misunderstand me – I’m not actually in any closet. I’ve been out and loud and proud for 20 years.
Last May I stood on the streets of my home town in a high-visibility orange vest with ‘YES EQUALITY’ emblazoned on it, and knocked on people’s doors in the evening, to campaign for a yes vote in the marriage referendum.
I came out at work in the mid 90’s when I did not know a single other gay person in my place of employment.
I went on a gay pride parade in Dublin in 1996. I was one of a thousand participants that year (last year estimates put the participant numbers at 50,000 people). I suppose you could say that I was screaming. I was here, I was queer, get used to it.
As it were.
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