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A life less nerdish

I wear spectacles, and have done since the age of 6 – originally the free ones with the plastic brown frames. I dress respectably /conservatively, and I am generally rather polite when speaking.  Basically I have never been a ‘cool’ person.
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A day alone

I woke up in the suburbs of Limerick, this January morn feeling happy. I had a day of activity planned.  That’s the beauty of suburban Limerick (or suburban anywhere I suppose). If you want interesting times and experiences, then you need to plan them.

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Go west, life is peaceful there

I am clearly in a Village People state of mind, with the 2nd post in a row borrowing from their oeuvre.

After the amazing concert last night, work was a dreary mess today. I found it quite the struggle to muster up any enthusiasm for remotely moving medication from point A to point B.  But as I am a highly motivated careerist, I struggled through.  Continue reading Go west, life is peaceful there

On this day…

That feature on Facebook, whereby every day it sends me a message about my  activity on that date in preceding years, is an interesting snapshot into what was going through my mind and going on in my life at a particular time. Granted somethings never change. On this date last year I posted the Youtube link to ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton, while in the throes of Amsterdam joblessness.

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