Theatre times: ‘Forgotten’ by Pat Kinevane


The Pavillion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire was my destination last night, to see ‘Forgotten’ – the one-man show written by and starring Pat Kinevane. Through the media of Japanese kabuki theatre and Irish storytelling. Kinevane tells the interlinked tales of four geriatrics living in care homes (or ‘assisted living facilities’ as they are so euphemistically described by Americans) in Ireland.
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The Dark Tale of the Kerry Babies


I was a child when the Kerry Babies case was the biggest news story in the country. I can remember it being splashed all over the news, and can recall the bare bones of the story. I can remember the picture of Joanne Hayes on the front page of every newspaper, every day for what seems like months, during the Tribunal of Inquiry into the original case. I can remember my father describing it is as a horror film. Continue reading The Dark Tale of the Kerry Babies

A table for one


Being single is usually a pleasant position to be in. Particularly if you have an active social life, and the odd hobby here and there. You march to the beat of your own drum. If you feel like festering on the sofa in your pyjamas on a Saturday afternoon, there is no-one who will tell you to pull yourself together. The TV channel is always on your preferred station. If you have a decent circle of friends then you won’t be wanting for company if you fancy an evening at the theatre, or cinema or pub. Continue reading A table for one

Solidarność (Solidarity)


So at midday my dental adventures finished. I was a free man (at least until my next trip when I will get a crown fitted to my implant).

What to do?

Gdansk is a very appealing city visually – at least in the old town where I am residing. It resembles Amsterdam in fact with the narrow buildings and streets, very reminiscent of the canal streets of the Dutch capital. Perhaps this because of the German influence (Gdansk was a large German speaking enclave, called Danzig until the War).

It’s Baltic here however – the sea is only a few miles away) so I wanted to stay indoors.

Seeing as this city is the birthplace of post-communist Polish democracy, I decided that a visit to the Solidarity (Solidarność) Museum was a wise idea. Continue reading Solidarność (Solidarity)

Poland: Go East. Life is peaceful there


This may be the last blog for a while. At the crack of dawn tomorrow I will be taking to the skies, to the distant land of Poland. For a dental holiday. Gdansk is my destination. Frugality is my motive. Upon discovering that the treatment that my Irish dentist recommended for me was going to cost €2,300, I almost swooned. That would be an extravagant spend. When speaking to a Polish colleague, he asked why I didn’t travel east to get the work done, for a fraction of the cost.

Apparently Budapest is the go-to destination for Irish dental tourism. However being an unfocused person, I was more concerned about finding a pleasant location to do it. Budapest may be one of my favourite cities in the world. However, thus far in my life, I have been there four times. There is a multitude of cities that I have yet to visit.

Poland is a country that I had heretofore only visited once. Poland was my choice. Continue reading Poland: Go East. Life is peaceful there