This blog is going on hiatus

Panic not however, my small but loyal readership. It is only temporary. Continue reading This blog is going on hiatus


I need new shoulderpads


Some weeks ago I interviewed for my own position in the wastelands. My department is restructuring (reducing), and to allow the company harmonise synergies (fire people) without announcing redundancies. Therefore all the job titles were changed. And the job descriptions were also subtly altered – by about 15%. We were then told that as the department was transitioning into a shiny new phase, we would have to interview for these shiny new job titles. Continue reading I need new shoulderpads

Spring walk in the sea


When I moved t Dublin over two years ago, I made a solemn vow to myself to explore the town properly. In a manner that I had neglected to do when I lived here last century.  For a while I was dedicated to this worthwhile task – the Greystones to Bray Walk; the Howth Head Cliff Walk (on new year’s day 2017); Glendalough; Malahide; Glasnevin Cemetery; Dun Laoghaire; Dalkey. All visited and explored. Continue reading Spring walk in the sea

Mark Zuckerberg ate my hamster.


I’ve been half heartedly following the latest Facebook scandal involving a company called Cambridge Analytica.

Apparently this company used a Facebook quiz (taken by 270,000 people ) to mine the personal information of 50,000,000 Facebook users (the ‘friends’ of those who took the quiz) and then sold the data to politicians and political parties on the ‘Leave’ side to allow them to target undecided voters in the Brexit referendum. Without their knowledge. Facebook was well aware that this was happening. Allegedly. Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg ate my hamster.

A new concept in dining


I have spoken previously about my revulsion at the bastardization of the English language to suit the requirements of marketing companies and the text-speak generation. Particularly when it comes to food establishments.

About how certain words send an icy chill of irrational rage down my spine. How I will never darken the door of any café or restaurant that styles itself as an ‘eatery’. Regardless of how totes delish the menu is. Obvs. Continue reading A new concept in dining

To the theatre: GSA Manifesto


I have never been to the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. To my shame. I have made tear stained, fist-clenched vows to myself that I must rectify this. To date that has not happened. The Gaiety owing to its size attracts large, expensive shows. As a result ticket prices tend to be prohibitive. Unlike the Abbey Theatre, which often sells tickets as part of promotion,or at a heavy discount for early booking, the Gaiety doesn’t seem to have the same offers. So forlornly I still wait, for my glamourous debut as a Gaiety audience member. Continue reading To the theatre: GSA Manifesto

To the theatre: ‘Paint’


Doyle’s Pub in the centre of town is the end of party destination whenever the theatre group in which I am a member,  finishes the run of a play. Regardless of where the performances have been held – be it in Players Theatre; Teachers’ Club or the Pearse Centre – without fail on the final night, when the wrap party occurs, the cast and crew will wind up in a snug in Doyles, after midnight, in a state of some inebriation. The fact that it stays open until ridiculous o’clock in the morning is only partly the reason. It’s also quite a pleasant establishment – cosy; friendly; unpretentious, and only slightly let down by the fact it has city centre inflated prices. Continue reading To the theatre: ‘Paint’