Bookworm: ‘Days without end’ by Sebastian Barry

‘Days without end’ by Sebastian Barry is his latest tale in a series of books about the McNulty family of Sligo. Set over various centuries on different continents these books examine various people in different generations of one family, and how they fare in the world. ‘The Temporary Gentleman’ was about Jack McNulty – working for the UN in Ghana in 1957, as he remembers his ruinous marriage to his fellow alcoholic Mai Kirwan (you can read my take on that book HERE… ) Continue reading Bookworm: ‘Days without end’ by Sebastian Barry

Bloomsday: James Joyce Day, June 16th

I have a gig on Friday with a band. The fact that I am unable to play a musical instrument, and possess a singing voice that sounds like a bag of cats in a blender (a metaphorical blender – I love cats and would never knowingly cause a moment of distress to one of those classy creatures) is entirely irrelevant. My services were requested, so I graciously accepted. I have been asked to perform to honour the works of Mr. James Joyce. Continue reading Bloomsday: James Joyce Day, June 16th

Cult film time: ‘Heathers’

Nostalgia is a feeling that I try to avoid. Looking back with longing for a seemingly better times is a waste of time. Remembering the past with fondness and happiness is a positive thing. However the yearning or aching to return to some mythical time seems to be a pointless exercise. Hindsight has that awkward little habit of providing 20/20 vision after all. That vision is sorely lacking when you are actually experiencing a situation. Continue reading Cult film time: ‘Heathers’

‘Suddenly last summer’ Elizabeth Taylor realised she was being used for EVIL!

Yesterday evening I went to the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield. It is currently running a Katharine Hepburn film season, and is screening various highlights from her illustrious career. ‘Suddenly last summer’ from 1959 was last night’s film. Continue reading ‘Suddenly last summer’ Elizabeth Taylor realised she was being used for EVIL!

Vote early, vote often

To no-one’s surprise it is the general election in Britain today. There is some great disparity in the various pre-vote polls. Some place the Conservative Party up to ten percentage points ahead of Labour. YouGov on the other hand put the Tories a mere one point ahead of Labour. The Liberal Democrats and the Openly Racist Party (also known as UKIP) have seemingly vanished from existence. Continue reading Vote early, vote often